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Your Source for Quality Commodities and Supplies

Agricultural Commodities

Discover the essence of quality with Midraw's premium agricultural commodities. Our meticulously sourced selection includes staple foods and essential ingredients like wheat flour, rice, and sugar, along with versatile vegetable oil, pasta, and an array of pulses.

Grains & Animal Feed

Midraw's Grains & Animal Feed collection is meticulously curated to offer optimal nutrition for livestock. From primary grains rich in energy to specialized feed ingredients for health and growth, our portfolio ensures a balanced diet for animals, contributing to sustainable and efficient farming practices worldwide.

Food Aid & Humanitarian Supplies

Midraw is deeply committed to humanitarian efforts, offering a range of Food Aid & Humanitarian Supplies to support communities in need. Our carefully selected food parcels, ready-to-eat meals, and essential supplies are designed to provide sustenance and aid in crisis situations.


Tel 1: +20 022 359 4855

Tel 2: 002033822224

Fax 1: 00203382222



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