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About us

Nurturing Global Connections in Agricultural Trade
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Who we are

Midraw is a family-owned group that was established in Egypt, in 1992, with an objective to be part of the world’s leading agri-commodities trading houses. In order to have a more strategic and international hub. With the support of its partners in Egypt, Canada, Tanzania, and Turkey, we have become one of the leading players in the agricultural trading and processing industry in the Middle East and Africa.

Why us

Our fully integrated agricultural and processing supply chain network is integral in bringing value to the agricultural industry, with Midraw emerging as a trusted and credible partner to both producers and consumers alike. With our team of professionals with extensive experience in the industry of over 30 years, Midraw has always been in the lead due to our strong sourcing capabilities, efficient logistical management, and unwavering commitment to quality and reliability.

Our services

Our core business is comprised of physically buying and selling, in bulk, commodities such as grains, sugar, rice, pulses, wheat flour, pasta, oils, and animal feed, and shipping these commodities across the globe. For the past 20 years we have also committed ourselves to the noble cause of supplying major humanitarian organizations and NGOs with food commodities as well as food parcels.


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One of our key competencies is our strength in origination – the ability to source grains and commodities directly from farmers/producers. Not only does this result in us sourcing commodities at a cheaper cost, it also enables us to preserve the product identity, and cut costs throughout the supply chain, thereby giving us a competitive edge in the market.

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Vertical integration

Rather than just buying and selling, we strive to be vertically integrated to be able to control our value chain. This is done by initiating toll processing agreements with mills (flour, rice) or producers (pasta factories, edible oil refineries), wherein we provide them with the raw materials and, under our close supervision and control, they, in turn, process and deliver the required commodity. This allows us to control the process and improve efficiencies.

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Midraw imports and sells commodities such as wheat, rice, sugar, and milk powder through its distribution channels. Moreover, given that we already have well-established brands of rice, wheat flour, pasta and other FMCGs in Africa, we have also expanded our distribution channels to Chad, Rwanda, Sudan and Tanzania, with the intention to add more centres in East Africa in the near future.


Global Footprint

Our comprehensive network spans across continents, marking the origins and destinations of our premium agricultural commodities. This map highlights the breadth of Midraw's impact in the agri-commodities trade, underlining our commitment to connecting producers with markets worldwide.


Tel 1: +20 022 359 4855

Tel 2: 002033822224

Fax 1: 00203382222



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